Products we love and want to share with you!

Any proceeds we make from the sale of these products will be donated to All Breed Rescue & Training of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Please find them at or hit the button below if you want to donate to their great cause.

Dog Nail Grinder. If you live in a location with weather like we do, you don’t always get the opportunity to let your dogs play on hard surfaces to help keep their nails down and dull. So we use this great nail grinder from Casfuy to help keep our dogs nails at an acceptable level. Our dogs sit there patiently while we do their nails just like the rest of us do at the nail salon!

Dog Bowl. We like to use this ceramic dog bowl as it keeps the bowl off the ground to make it easier for our dogs to eat and we love the tilting bowl so the dogs don’t have to strain their neck when eating. Our dogs feel like royalty when they eat!

Custom Leather Dog Collar. All of our dogs wear this great custom dog collar. We find the leather to be soft and easy on their skin and we have peace of mind knowing if they get out that our contact information is found easily. It holds up to the weather and our dogs cruise around in style with their custom collar. Our puppies usually wear the XS but we have also started them on the S size which works great as well and gives them many years to grow into the collar.

Air Tag Holder. We are Apple users, so to give us even more peace of mind, we get an Apple air tag and put it in the round holder found on this collar. You can use this collar or do like we do, which is we just install the holder onto the Custom Leather Dog Collar. That way we always know where our dogs are and if we get out of range we get notified that our dogs may have been left behind. It’s a very cost effective way to have even more location protection on your dog.

Apple Air Tag. If you have an apple device, grab this, pair it with a holder and voila, you are now tracking your pet at all times and can get notified if you accidentally leave them behind. We love this extra peace of mind!

Dog Door Trainer. If you don’t have a dedicated dog door for your dog to go in and out freely when it has to go potty, then this is a great alternative to teach your dog to let you know when it’s time to go potty. Accidents will soon be a thing of the past when you master this great potty training tool.

Ultra Oil For Skin & Coats. We like to add a squirt or two of this to our dogs food to keep their coats and skin from becoming dry, itchy, dull, and to protect them from hot spots, dandruff and allergies. It contains hemp seed oil, flaxseed oil, grape seed oil, and fish oil among other great ingredients. There is no smell and your dogs will love you even more for going the extra mile for them.

Shedding Blade. While our dogs shed little to any, we still like to brush them with this great shedding blade on a weekly basis. Our dogs love it when it’s brushing time. Roll that in with doing their nails and its a SPA DAY!!!!

5 in 1 Grooming Scissor Set. We do all our own grooming. If you are like us and prefer to do it yourself for some extra bonding time with your pup, then you will love this 5 in 1 set. Pair it with a great set of clippers and your friends will start calling you Edward Scissorhands!

We at Summit Doodles prefer leather leashes over other materials for several reasons. Leather leashes are easier on our hands verses nylon or other materials that tend to rub or cause rope burns. Leather is safter due to its natural material as it will snap under pressure freeing your dog if it were to get trapped or caught on an object. This particular leash is very nice as it has braiding close to the collar for greater control and a ring on the end for tethering to objects.