Military Appreciation Program

United We Stand

At Summit Doodles we want to give back to our incredible members and former members of the armed forces. Mini Australian Bernedoodles are bred to be loyal, friendly, in-tune to their humans and brilliant companions or working dogs. Therefore, Summit Doodles would like to award a military member or military family with one of our puppies/dogs for FREE! Yes, FREE! Please see the MAP application below.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Apply to our MAP program
  2. Once a litter is born, we will choose one lucky application and inform them of the puppy that they will receive.
  3. The winning applicant will have the choice of accepting the puppy at the following intervals of their choice:
    • Eight (8) weeks or as soon as the puppy can go home
    • Ten (10) weeks and the puppy will have some basic training
    • Twelve (12) weeks and your puppy will have a strong foundation and skill sets similar to the bronze plan.
  4. We at Summit Doodles want to provide our winning applicant with an amazing new puppy and would like to make the first three (3) years of ownership as stress free as possible. Therefore, Summit Doodles will provide the following for your first 3 years of ownership:
    • We will provide pet insurance for your puppy. 
    • We will pay for all customary/routine vet visits, shots, and vaccines.
    • We will provide the same food and treats feed our dogs.
    • If you need to board your puppy/dog for an extended period of time due to work deployment or health related reasons, we will take your puppy/dog during your period away no matter how long you are gone. Summit Doodles will pay up to half of the customary costs for transportation to and from our home to pick up your dog and will travel to you to get your dog and bring your dog back to you if you live within 12 hours of Colorado Springs.
    • As part of our Military Appreciation Program, each recipient has an opportunity to pay it forward to other members or former members of the armed forces by being a part of our Guardian program. As part of our Guardian program, we will ensure that every litter produced provides a puppy and the same financial commitment from us to another current or former military member or family.
  5. Alternately, if we have a retired dog that will be exiting our breeding program and the applicant prefers an older dog, the applicant may choose to substitute an older dog for the puppy (subject to availability).