Guardian Program


Welcome to our Home Guardian Program, where we are committed to upholding the highest standards of responsible breeding and ensuring the well-being and future of our dogs. At Summit Doodles, we understand the importance of a puppy growing up in a loving lifelong home where they get routine walks, go hiking, play in the snow, roll in the fall leaves, do road trips and overall are a part of the family. To ensure we continue to breed the highest quality dogs with the best possible temperaments, we are offering limited opportunities for qualified families to join our Home Guardian Program.

Some breeders keep their breeding dogs outside in kennels or other undesirable places — we don’t agree with that approach as we believe puppies and dogs should be inside in a loving home. That’s why we have developed this exclusive program to connect our exceptional dogs with qualified responsible and caring individuals or families.

A Guardian family will receive one of our puppies at a significant discount. This fee is refundable at the end of the program assuming all terms and conditions are met. We charge a refundable fee to ensure our Guardian Families will be fully bought into the program and take it seriously.

If you receive a female, when the female is ready for a litter, she will be returned to us for breeding and then again for her last week of pregnancy and stay for the duration of whelping and raising/weening her litter (about 6-7 weeks). The female will be retired from breeding between the ages of 4-6 years old, and at that time she will be spayed and live the rest of her life with her Guardian family under their ownership.

If you receive a male stud, then when the stud’s services are required we will make arrangements to bring him to us for a 7-10 day stay. Males will be retired between 4-6 years old and at that time we will neuter the stud and he will continue to live the rest of his life with his Guardian family under their ownership.

During the program, we will provide all annual veterinary exams, vaccines, vitamins and reproductive related medical exams, testing, and care. The Guardian Family is responsible for food (which must be approved by us), toys, routine grooming (approved by us), monthly flea & tick medication, and any additional non breeding related medical care (vet to be approved by us).

Other Requirements Include The Following:

You must live within 60 miles of Colorado Springs, CO and have no plans of moving out of that proximity for 5 years.

Regular grooming every 8 weeks at a minimum in order to maintain a healthy coat.

We will need to grab the dog at various times for pictures, vet visits, and other checkups and will need you to accommodate that on short notice (24-48 hours).

We must be notified of any changes in your living situation and of any vacations when the dog will not go with you.

If you are interested in becoming a Guardian for one of our puppies or dogs, please contact us.