2024 Pet Price $4,000**.  Others may charge less, but you get what you pay for when it comes to a puppy!  We do extensive genetic and health testing, which ensures that you are getting the best puppy on the market!  Unlike many breeders, our puppies are born and live inside our home, they are held and played with several times a day, they socialize and play with other dogs and puppies several times a day, and starting at 3 weeks old, we start the puppies on a socialization and training program utilizing many of the protocols and lessons from the Puppy Culture Program ( In addition, we also start our puppies on a potty training program, and when your puppy leaves, it will know how to use a dog door and how they need to go potty in specific areas only.

We want your newest family member to be a loving member of your family for a very long time and to live a very healthy life with your family.  We go to EXTREME lengths to ensure this will be the case and that’s why our puppies may be priced higher than others out there.  Add on options include transportation for your new puppy to you, extended stay training options, puppy starter kits, and more.

** Sales tax will be added and if you choose to pay with a credit card, a 4% credit card fee will be added. The price listed is for puppies that are picked up between eight and nine weeks. If your puppy will be picked up after nine weeks, we will charge an additional $500 per week due to the additional training the puppy will get as well as the additional costs (vet visits, food, etc.).

Genetic Testing:

  1. Parents are Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) certified
  2. Parents and breeding prospect puppies are genetically tested through Embark. This allows us to test 230+ genetic health risks, Coefficient of Inbreeding (COI), autoimmune disorders, 35 traits such as size, coat color, texture, and shedding along with much more.
  3. Parents and breeding prospect puppies are given a OFA Eye Certification Exam previously known as (CERF) by a certified Ophthalmologist.

Contract:  Please review the Puppy Purchase Contract prior to submitted your application.  The contract contains important information about our strict spay/neuter requirements, our health guarantee, and much more.  By submitting your application, you are certifying that you have read and agree to all terms of the contract.

Details:  Your puppy will come with the following:

  1. Microchip
  2. Current vaccinations and worming
  3. 30-day trial pet insurance from Trupanion
  4. Puppy certificate
  5. 2-year genetic health guarantee
  6. Welcome home package includes 30 days worth of food, chews, treats, toys, records, and more
  7. Lifetime support from our expert team

Travel Packages:  If you are local to Colorado Springs or within a two (2) hour radius delivery is free of charge. Not local? No Problem! We have packages for transporting your puppy to to your home:

  1. Local Commuter Package ($500): We will drive 2- 4 hours to deliver your puppy
  2. Commuter Overnight Package ($950):  We will drive 4 – 8 hours to deliver your puppy
  3. Unattended flight (TBD based on flight cost and transportation cost to the airport): We will fly your puppy out of Colorado Springs Airport or DIA Airport UNATTENDED, where you will pick up the new puppy.
  4. Attended flight (TBD based on flight cost and location):  We will accompany your new puppy on a flight out of COS Airport or DIA Airport to the airport of your choice, where you will pick up the new puppy.

Training packages: We offer several training packages as noted below. Please note that our training teams book up quickly and we wont be able to offer you the training you desire once we are booked. So if you are interested in training, please book it (requires a 50% deposit to reserve the spot) as soon as you are interested in training. The full amount must be paid prior to training starting, and once training starts, no refunds will be given. If you cancel at least 30 days prior to training starting, we will refund the full amount if we can replace the spot, or 25% if we can’t fill the spot.

If you enroll your puppy into our training program, we will cover all costs associated with basic care while they are with us. This includes the highest quality food, chews, toys, and all vaccinations and worming medications deemed necessary by our veterinarian based on their age and circumstance.

  1. Two (2) Week Basic Obedience Plan (+$1,500): This program begins to introduce common terminology for your puppy and basic obedience comprehension. During this two week program your new puppy will begin their crate training, potty training, leash training, and basic obedience. At the end of this program your new puppy will have a basic understanding of the new commands and socialization.
  2. Four (4) Week Bronze Plan (+$3,000): This plan is meant to transition your puppy from its early stage connection to its mother to self awareness and socialization. Your new puppy will begin learning how to walk on a leash, be respectful of personal space, will learn foundational commands such as sit, stay, leave it, come when called, be socialized around humans and most importantly be confident and independent away from its pack. Additionally, we will work on potty training basics and continue crate training. This plan will require each family invest time and positive reinforcement into your puppies once they come with you to ensure they are successful.
  3. Six (6) Week Silver Plan (+$4,500): Our Silver package is our most requested training package as it minimizes the required time investment from your family. It begins to instill the characters of what one would expect of a trained puppy. The Silver Plan will include everything included in the Bronze Plan but will continue to build upon it. Your puppy will start to master walking on a leash, healing while walking, sit when stopped, stay and come when called, display signs of understanding potty training such as using a dog door, ring door bells when they need to go outside and the number of accidents is decreasing each week. Additionally, at this stage we will focus on correcting unwanted behaviors such as biting or chewing.
    • *Bonus- If you choose this package your puppy will go home with a personalized collar, leash, and dog bed. No need to stop on your way home to pick up supplies, your puppy will go from our home to yours!
  4. Eight (8) Week Gold Plan (+$6,500): Our Gold Plan is designed for first time puppy owners or anyone who wants an out of box puppy that removes most of the puppyhood hassles. This plan requires the least amount of work by you when you receive your new puppy. The Gold Plan also makes your puppy eligible for the CGC (Canine Good Citizen) Certification. Our Gold plan includes everything in the Silver Plan plus the following:
    • Advanced crate training, potty training, accepting a friendly stranger, sits politely for petting, calm in crowds of people, stays composed around other dogs on a walk, and has confident and controlled reactions in highly populated areas such as parks, grocery stores, or sports fields.
    • *Bonus- If you choose this package your puppy will go home with a personalized collar, leash, and dog bed. No need to stop on your way home to pick up supplies, your puppy will go from our home to yours!
  5. Support Certification: Please inquire about our plans for preparing your new puppy to become a registered support dog. This journey is very personal and we would love to be a successful partner together!

During your purchase application process, please let us know what your desires are around our training packages and our transportation packages so we can plan out the delivery of your new puppy.